Hi, my name is Dylan Tiger Culfogienis. This is me, inside a tree.

My stupid face

About me

I was born on July 7th, 1998 (7/11, it's easy to remember), in Hercules, California. People say I look Hispanic, I'm actually half-Greek and half-Thai.

I grew up in Purcellville, Virginia, USA, with one leg in the preppy, affluent, politically charged, domestically fractured portion of the state, and another in the redneck, DIY-or-die, guns-and-barbecue portion of the state. Both have their ups and downs.

I currently attend the University of Virginia as an undergraduate student, studying nanotechnology, biology and computer science.

About this website

I write a blog, create software, games, interactive experiences, artwork, devices, etc. Most of it gets posted on this website. I generally write about Things I Love, and sometimes about Things I Do Not Love.

Believe it or not, this blog has an overarching theme: embracing chaos, and creating beautiful, useful and powerful things out of it. I think humans’ ability to understand and control the absurd complexity of the universe through abstraction and cooperation is one of the most beautiful things in the world, and I hope my weird content helps you glimpse that beauty.

Things I Love

Things I Do Not Love